How do I withdraw from Tickmill?

Withdrawing funds from a Forex broker is a crucial aspect for traders, reflecting the broker's reliability and efficiency. Tickmill, a well-known entity in the Forex trading arena, offers various withdrawal methods tailored to cater to global clients. This article provides a detailed guide on how to withdraw from Tickmill, ensuring traders at all levels understand the process clearly.

Understanding the Withdrawal Process

Basic RequirementsBefore initiating a withdrawal, traders must ensure all trading positions are closed and that the account has sufficient free margin to cover the withdrawal amount.

Verification ProcessTickmill requires account verification to comply with financial regulations. This includes submitting proof of identity and residence, ensuring the security of transactions.

Steps to Withdraw from Tickmill

1. Log in to the Client AreaTraders need to access their Client Area on Tickmill's website to start the withdrawal process. This dashboard provides a complete view of their financial activities and trading account status.

2. Select the Withdrawal OptionWithin the Client Area, the withdrawal option is clearly marked, typically under the 'Funds Management' section. Here, traders can choose their preferred withdrawal method.

3. Fill Out the Withdrawal FormTraders must complete a form detailing the withdrawal amount and the specific details of the withdrawal method chosen (e.g., bank account details, e-wallet information).

4. Submit the RequestOnce the form is filled, the withdrawal request can be submitted. Tickmill generally processes these requests quickly, depending on the chosen method.

Withdrawal Methods

Bank TransfersThe most secure method, though it can take several business days to process.

Credit/Debit CardsWithdrawals to a card typically reflect within a few business days and are limited to the amount deposited via the same card.

E-WalletsMethods like Skrill and Neteller offer instant withdrawals post-processing and are popular for their convenience.

Fees and Processing Times

Tickmill prides itself on offering fee-free withdrawals, which is a significant advantage for traders. However, it's crucial to check if there are any third-party fees involved, particularly with bank transfers or when converting currencies.

Processing TimesWhile Tickmill processes most withdrawals within one business day, the total time until funds are received may vary by the method used.

Case Studies and Statistical Data

Several user reviews and case studies indicate high satisfaction with Tickmill's withdrawal process. For instance, a recent survey showed that over 90% of users experienced withdrawal processing within 24 hours, a competitive rate in the industry.

Industry Trends and Comparative Analysis

The trend in Forex trading highlights the importance of quick and easy withdrawal processes as a key factor for traders when choosing a broker. Tickmill's offerings are aligned with these expectations, setting a benchmark for industry standards.

For more information on safe trading practices and understanding Forex withdrawals, the following resource is invaluable: Forex Peace Army’s Guide.


Understanding how to withdraw funds from Tickmill is straightforward, thanks to their user-friendly platform and robust customer support. The broker’s commitment to providing a seamless withdrawal experience enhances its reputation as a reliable choice for Forex traders globally.

Tickmill continues to uphold industry standards with its efficient processing times, variety of withdrawal methods, and commitment to transparency and security.