Signals are bad even if their profitable here's why : Forex - Reddit

In the vibrant online community of Forex traders on Reddit, a common topic of debate is the use and reliability of forex signals—even when they prove to be profitable. This article examines the skepticism surrounding profitable forex signals, analyzing insights and discussions from the Forex subreddit to understand the broader implications of using such signals.

The Allure of Profitable Forex Signals

Forex signals are attractive to traders for their promise of potential profits without the necessity of deep market knowledge or the time commitment required for continuous market analysis. Profitable signals, specifically, are those that have a track record of yielding financial gain for subscribers. At first glance, these signals appear to be a straightforward way to enhance one's trading strategy.

Underlying Issues with Forex Signals

Despite their profitability, many experienced traders on Reddit argue that relying on forex signals can have significant drawbacks, which might not be immediately apparent. Here are some key concerns shared within the community:

  1. Lack of Skill Development: Relying on signals can hinder a trader's ability to develop essential trading skills. Many Redditors emphasize that successful trading requires understanding market dynamics, technical analysis, and the ability to make independent decisions. Over-reliance on signals can lead to a lack of these critical skills, making traders perpetually dependent on external help.

  2. Sustainability and Reliability: The profitability of forex signals can be inconsistent. Traders often share stories of signals that were profitable initially but failed to adapt to changing market conditions. This volatility raises questions about the long-term sustainability and reliability of relying solely on forex signals for trading decisions.

  3. Risk Management Concerns: Effective risk management is crucial in forex trading. Signals typically provide recommendations on entry, exit, stop loss, and take profit levels, but they might not always align with an individual trader's risk tolerance or financial goals. Redditors often discuss instances where following signals led to risk exposure that was misaligned with their personal trading strategies.

  4. Psychological Impact: There is also a psychological dimension to consider. Dependency on signals can create a false sense of security. Users on Reddit share experiences where this dependency led to complacency in their trading habits, resulting in significant losses when the signals suddenly underperformed.

  5. Hidden Costs and Fees: While signals may be profitable, they often come at a cost. Subscription fees for signal services can be substantial, and not all traders account for these costs when calculating net gains. Redditors frequently advise new traders to consider whether the net profit from using signals justifies the expenses.

Alternative Perspectives and Advocacy for Autonomy

A significant portion of the discussion on Reddit advocates for trading autonomy. Experienced traders emphasize the importance of learning to analyze the market independently:

  1. Building a Personalized Strategy: Many argue that building a personal trading strategy that considers individual financial goals, risk tolerance, and market perspective is more beneficial than relying on generic signals.

  2. Utilizing Signals as Supplementary Tools: Some experienced traders do not dismiss the use of signals entirely but recommend using them as supplementary tools rather than the backbone of a trading strategy. This approach involves cross-verifying signal recommendations with personal analysis and market research.

  3. Education and Continuous Learning: Continuous education in forex trading, including understanding market trends, technical and fundamental analysis, and economic indicators, is strongly advocated. Learning and adapting are seen as keys to sustainable success in forex trading.


While profitable forex signals can seem like a shortcut to success, the discussions on the Forex subreddit highlight several pitfalls that can undermine their long-term effectiveness and sustainability. The consensus among seasoned traders is that while signals can be helpful, they should not replace personal skills development and market understanding. Traders are encouraged to use signals judiciously, enhance their trading skills continuously, and develop strategies that align with their individual needs and circumstances. This holistic approach, rather than a singular reliance on forex signals, is often touted as the more sustainable path to forex trading success.