Windsor Brokers Review 2024 – Expert Trader Insights

As we progress into 2024, Windsor Brokers continues to be a leading figure in the forex and CFD trading industry. Established in 1988, the broker has earned a strong reputation for providing reliable and transparent trading services. This review delves into the various aspects of Windsor Brokers, drawing insights from expert traders to offer a comprehensive analysis of its offerings, platforms, account types, regulatory status, and overall trading experience.

Company Overview

Windsor Brokers, headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus, is one of the oldest and most established brokers in the industry. With a rich history spanning over three decades, the company has built a solid reputation for providing high-quality trading services and maintaining a secure trading environment. Windsor Brokers has expanded its global footprint, catering to a diverse clientele with a range of financial products and services.

Regulatory Status

Windsor Brokers operates under the strict oversight of several regulatory bodies, ensuring compliance with international standards and providing clients with a secure trading environment. The broker is regulated by:

  • The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)

  • The Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Seychelles

  • The Jordan Securities Commission (JSC)

This multi-regulatory approach ensures that Windsor Brokers adheres to stringent regulatory requirements, offering clients a high level of protection and peace of mind.

Trading Platforms

Windsor Brokers provides access to two of the most popular trading platforms in the industry: MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

  1. MetaTrader 4 (MT4): MT4 is renowned for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive suite of trading tools. It offers advanced charting capabilities, a wide range of technical indicators, and the ability to use automated trading strategies through Expert Advisors (EAs). MT4 is available as a desktop application, web-based platform, and mobile app, providing traders with the flexibility to trade from anywhere.

  2. MetaTrader 5 (MT5): As the successor to MT4, MT5 offers enhanced features, including more timeframes, additional technical indicators, and a more sophisticated interface. MT5 supports a broader range of financial instruments, making it suitable for traders looking to diversify their portfolios. It is also available across desktop, web, and mobile platforms.

Account Types

Windsor Brokers offers a variety of account types to cater to different trading needs and experience levels:

  1. Prime Account: Designed for professional and high-volume traders, the Prime Account requires a higher minimum deposit but offers lower spreads, access to a dedicated account manager, and enhanced trading conditions such as faster execution speeds and reduced trading costs.

  2. Zero Account: Ideal for traders who prefer zero spreads, this account charges a commission per trade but can be advantageous for scalpers and high-frequency traders due to the absence of spreads. It also provides competitive leverage and access to a broad range of trading instruments.

  3. Standard Account: Suitable for both beginner and intermediate traders, the Standard Account offers competitive spreads without any commission on trades. The minimum deposit requirement is relatively low, making it accessible to a wider audience.

  4. VIP Account: Tailored for high-net-worth individuals and institutional clients, the VIP Account offers the most favorable trading conditions, including personalized service, premium market analysis, and exclusive trading tools. A significant minimum deposit is required, but the benefits are substantial.

Trading Instruments

Windsor Brokers offers an extensive range of trading instruments, allowing clients to access various markets:

  1. Forex: With over 70 currency pairs available, Windsor Brokers provides a comprehensive selection for forex traders. This includes major, minor, and exotic pairs, all with competitive spreads and flexible leverage options.

  2. CFDs: The broker offers CFDs on indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, enabling traders to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of different market opportunities.

  3. Metals: Precious metals like gold and silver are available for trading, offering additional avenues for hedging and diversification.

  4. Energies: Clients can trade CFDs on energy commodities such as crude oil and natural gas, known for their volatility and trading opportunities.

Educational Resources

Windsor Brokers places a strong emphasis on client education, providing a wealth of resources to help traders improve their skills and knowledge. These include webinars, video tutorials, eBooks, and comprehensive trading guides. The educational materials cover a wide range of topics, from basic trading concepts to advanced technical analysis, catering to traders of all levels.

Customer Support

Customer support at Windsor Brokers is robust, offering multilingual assistance through various channels, including live chat, email, and phone. The support team is available 24/5, ensuring that clients receive timely help whenever needed. The broker’s website also features a detailed FAQ section and a wealth of resources to assist with common queries.

Expert Trader Insights

Expert traders have highlighted several key aspects of Windsor Brokers that make it a preferred choice:

  1. Reliability and Trustworthiness: With over three decades in the industry and a strong regulatory framework, Windsor Brokers is seen as a trustworthy and reliable broker.

  2. Trading Conditions: Expert traders appreciate the competitive trading conditions, including tight spreads, low commissions, and fast execution speeds, particularly in the Prime and Zero accounts.

  3. Platform Versatility: The availability of both MT4 and MT5 platforms is a significant advantage, providing traders with the flexibility to choose the platform that best suits their trading style.

  4. Comprehensive Support: The multilingual customer support and extensive educational resources are seen as valuable assets, helping traders to navigate the complexities of the financial markets.

  5. Range of Instruments: The broad range of trading instruments, including forex, CFDs, metals, and energies, allows traders to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of various market opportunities.


Windsor Brokers stands out as a reputable and reliable broker in the forex and CFD trading industry. With its long-standing history, stringent regulatory framework, and commitment to providing high-quality trading services, Windsor Brokers offers a secure and transparent trading environment. The broker’s diverse range of trading platforms, account types, and instruments, coupled with its educational resources and customer support, make it an excellent choice for traders at all levels.